Mumbai Tulsi is considered a very sacred plant in Sanatan Dharma and Vastu Shastra. Tulsi is called Vishnupriya and putting Tulsi in the house brings good luck. The worship of Tulsi itself pleases Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi and it is the fragrance of the house where the Tulsi plant is nurtured and taken care of. (Do not keep these plants next to the Tulsi tree, it can cause great damage).

However, along with the cultivation of Tulsi, some things related to Tulsi plant should also be taken care of, otherwise there may be more harm than benefit. Let us know some rules of Tulsi plant which should be kept in mind.

Tulsi should always be planted in the north or east direction. The direction should be taken care of while planting it because a Tulsi plant planted in the wrong direction spreads negative energy in the whole house. Therefore, physical and financial losses have to be suffered. Naturally, you must have noticed that housewives often add water to their hair after bath while their hair is wet. this is wrong. Tulsi is considered to be the favorite plant of Vishnu and in such a situation, water should be offered to Tulsi only after drying and tying open hair.


Do not keep material, slippers, brooms or garbage around Tulsi. Care should be taken not to put Tulsi outside the door or under the feet of people. Not only this, care should also be taken that dirty water does not come on Tulsi. No other plant should be planted in the pot in which Tulsi plant is planted.

Thorny trees should not be planted around Tulsi. Due to this, trouble increases in the house and worship of Tulsi does not give proper results. Mix water with milk and offer it to Tulsi. This keeps Tulsi green and grows fast. Water should not be offered to Tulsi on Sundays. Often in the evening a lamp is lit under Tulsi. But when he goes out after lighting the lamp, it should be kept in mind that he should be removed from the Tulsi plant. Tulsi plants should always be planted in the courtyard. If there is no patio then this plant can be planted near the window of the house. But it should not be mounted on the ceiling.