ambe-maa-1four in a year Navratri There are. Two Gupt Navratri and two Puja Navratri. In Aso Navratri and Chaitri Navratri, devotees try to please the Aadyashakti through special sadhna and worship. But, in all these Navratras, worship of the mind on the date of Atham and Noam is equally important. Devotees who are unable to perform rituals during the entire Navratri also try to appease the believers through special pujas performed on this eighth and Noma tithi. So today we have to talk about a remedy which you can try on these special dates and get the blessings of economic prosperity.

Devotees worship the gem according to their various functions. Of course, in today’s world, everyone’s wish is that there should be happiness in their home. Then this special experiment can be done on Ashtami or Ashtami tithi of Navratri. That person is considered to be the quick recipient of Lakshmi.

special worship

  1. This experiment should be done on Ashtami or Ashtami tithi in Navratri.
  2. Go to a quiet place and take your seat on the yellow seat facing north.
  3. Light 9 lamps of sesame oil in front of you. Pour so much oil into the lamp that it continues to burn till you finish the sadhana.
  4. Keep a pot of Kumkum mixed in front of the deewani and place a Shriyantra on it.
  5. Worship this Shriyantra with kumkum, flowers, incense-lamp.
  6. After worshiping the Shree Yantra, make a swastika made of kumkum in a copper plate and worship it.
  7. 108 times , Shri Mahalakshmiyya Namah. chant the mantra
  8. After this ritual, install the Shree Yantra in the place of worship of your home. And put the rest of the worship material in the water.

It is believed that by doing this remedy one gets the blessings of Lakshmi very soon. Not only this, you can also do welding with the help of fire.