durgaChaitri Navratri This is the best time to worship Adyashakti. Occasion to pay special tribute to Jagat Janani. It is said that if the mother is worshiped with full devotion during Navratri, then the goddess fulfills everyone’s wishes. If Durga Chalisa is also recited in this, then all kinds of physical and spiritual wishes of the person are fulfilled. It is said that Durga Chalisa is the solution to every problem. So let us tell you today about the seven major fruits that can be obtained from Durga Chalisa.

  1. By reciting Durga Chalisa, one gets spiritual, physical and emotional happiness. In this too, on occasions like Navratri, its recitation remains a means of attaining special virtue.
  2. By reciting Durga Chalisa regularly, the mind becomes calm. In the olden days, sages kept the mind calm and stable by reciting this Durga Chalisa.
  3. It is said that reciting Durga Chalisa leads to victory over the enemy.
  4. Just by reciting Durga Chalisa, negative energy is removed and positivity is transmitted.
  5. A person has to face many difficulties in life. The recitation of Durga Chalisa is considered to be free from all these troubles and problems. It is also believed that if there is financial trouble in the house, it can be solved by regular recitation of Durga Chalisa.
  6. People also recite Durga Chalisa to improve mental and social status.
  7. If Durga Chalisa is recited with faith, then one gets the blessings of body, mind, wealth and prosperity.