Ram Navami 2022 Many wishes are fulfilled by reciting Ramcharit Manas on this auspicious day. Along with this, by reciting the holy book Ramcharit Manas, one gets freedom from sin, fear, disease etc. of Ramcharitmanas The four chapters are so effective that one who desires wealth can get wealth by reciting it. If you cannot recite the entire Ramcharit Manas on the day of Ramnavami, then you must recite Sunderkand. Mister Ramcharit There are some such chapatis in Manas whose recitation helps in getting rid of many problems of human life.

It is said that by reciting the entire Ramcharit Manas a day before Ramnavami, all kinds of wishes are fulfilled. To get rid of your problems, only by reciting these four chapters of Ramcharit Manas, one gets auspicious results. Let us know what those four are.

Importance of Ramcharit Manas Granth

The praise and description of Lord Rama has been said in the Ramcharit Manas. There is no shortage in the house where Ramcharit Manas is worshipped. Chanting the name of Ram in Ram Navami is considered very beneficial and miraculous.

Regular recitation of Ramcharit Manas gives peace to the mind. It is said that in the house where there is Ramcharit Manas, the grace of Lord Shri Ram always remains in that house. Every chapter of Ramcharit Manas benefits you in some way or the other. The printing of Ramcharit Manas gives very good results of chanting of many mantras. Ramcharit Manas tells us the right way to live life.

Rules for reciting Ramcharitmanas

Before reciting Ramcharit Manas, keep the idol of Lord Rama on the ground with beautiful clothes. First invite Hanumanji and invite him for Ram Katha. It is believed that Hanumanji’s invocation is inevitable before worshiping Lord Rama. So that the proper result of worship can be obtained.

After invoking Hanumanji, start the recitation of Ramcharit Manas by invoking Shri Ganapati. Recite Ramcharit Manas regularly until it is done, then stop and do the aarti of Ramji. Ramcharit Manas should be recited daily with pure body and mind. By doing this one gets freedom from all sins.

For the acquisition of property, ‘Je sakam nar sunahin j gathin. Happiness, wealth, different ways.

For the fulfillment of desires and removal of all obstacles, Kaan So Kaj Kathin Jag Mahi. Whatever happens, you see.

To earn a living or to increase the world is to nurture the world. The name of the person is Bharat Ashoki.

Do not be afraid to destroy the enemy. Ram Pratap lost the oddity.

To get rid of fear and doubt, make Ram Katha beautiful doubtful bihag udv nihari. Mambhirakshay Raghukul Nayak for fear in unknown place. Dhritwar arc interesting.

Listen to Harsha Hanumana, the words of Lord Rama to get the refuge of Lord Rama. Sarnagat baby god. Rajeev Nayan Dharen Dhanu Sayak for disaster relief. Bhagat Bipati Bhanjan is soothing.

Body divine physical heat for the pacification of diseases and sufferings. Say no to Ram Raj, Byapa..