chanakya-nitiIn ethics, Acharya Chanakya has told many good things about life. It focuses on the upbringing of children. Parents should do everything possible to care for their children and prevent their bad behavior. Parents should take time out for this, do good deeds. For this all people have to fulfill their duty. Parents who do not take care of their children have to face challenges and crises every moment. Let us know how to take care of children according to Chanakya Niti.

Putrasch Vividhai: Shilarniyojya: Sattam Budhai:.
Policy: Sheelsampanna Bhavanti Kulpujita:..

In the tenth verse of the second chapter of Chanakya Niti, it is written that the wise should develop good qualities in their children. Because the family worships the one who knows ethics and has good qualities. Chanakya says that as children are taught in childhood, so will their life develop, so it is the duty of parents to guide them in such a way that along with skill, humility is also developed in them. Only virtuous people enhance the beauty of the family.

Enemy parents very yen balo na pathita.
Don’t be like a swan in a beautiful meeting.

In the eleventh verse it is written that the parents become the enemies of the children’s future. Parents who do not educate their children because an uneducated child cannot fit into the scholarly group are always treated with contempt. , Like a heron in a flock of swans, he is despised by scholars. Man is not born intelligent. Education is very important for him. All human beings are equal in form, size and type, the difference in their knowledge is evident. Just as a white heron cannot become a swan by sitting on a white swan, similarly an uneducated person cannot enhance his beauty by sitting on an educated person. Therefore it is the duty of the parents to educate their children, so that their prestige in the society increases.

Lalnad Bahavo Doshastadnad Bahavo Gunah.
Tasmatputra cha shishyam cha tadayen tu lalayet.

In the twelfth verse it is written that many defects arise in sons due to pampering. At the same time, they are often misunderstood by giving timely punishment and punishment. Therefore it is important not to pamper the son and the disciples too much, but to punish them. Due to the excessive love of the parents, the shortcomings of the children are not noticed. So if children do something wrong then they should try to understand it in advance and stay away from it. When a child makes a mistake, it is not fair to ignore or pamper them. He should also be punished for the offense committed by him so that he can be judged right or wrong.