Shukravar Lakshmi Puja: Special importance of Friday according to astrology , is , friday mata lakshmi is devoted to . Maa Lakshmi is worshiped on this day and fast is kept. According to tradition, on this day Mata Puja ( Mata Lakshmi Puja Method The problem of money goes away by fasting with it. This brings happiness and prosperity in the life of the person and happiness and prosperity in the house. If you want to please Maa Lakshmi then this information is important for you. In this article, we will tell you some simple ways to please Goddess Lakshmi. Let us know more about the solution accordingly

Do this remedy on Friday-

Do you have financial trouble or is your money stuck somewhere? If this is the case, then add sugar to black ants on Friday. This will solve the problem of money.
Wear white clothes after bath on Friday. Along with this, Maa Lakshmi should also be remembered. By doing this one gets the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.
After cleaning the house on Friday, take a bath and sprinkle Gangajal in the house. Light a lamp outside the house in the evening. Doing so brings good luck and good health.
The lotus flower is very dear to Mahalakshmi. Lotus flower should be offered to Mahalakshmi on Friday. Along with this Shri Sukta should be recited. This removes the problem of money in life.
If the money does not last even after coming, then on Friday, lotus flower, curd, Batshe, Kavadi and conch should be offered at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi in the temple. These things are very dear to Maa Lakshmi.
If you want happiness and peace in the house and the permanent grace of Mother Lakshmi, then do not insult the food. Offer food to the poor on Friday. By doing this, the grace of Maa Lakshmi remains.