Tulsi is considered very sacred in Hinduism. It is believed that Lakshmi resides in it. This is the reason why people install it in their homes. According to the scriptures, the houses where Tulsi plant is green bring happiness, peace and prosperity. According to the scriptures, some things should not be kept around Tulsi for happiness and peace in the family.

Do not keep these things around Tulsi

The area around the Tulsi plant should be very clean. If basil is drying or wilting, it could be due to impurity. In such a situation, cleanliness should be taken care of around Tulsi daily.

There should not be any shoe, broom or garbage around Tulsi. Apart from this, other flowers and leaves should not be planted with Tulsi plant. Actually, it is not appropriate to plant another plant in the same pot in which the Tulsi plant has been planted. Adding water to Tulsi by mixing milk turns Tulsi green.

Many times people burn water near Tulsi in the evening. Offering water to Tulsi in the evening is not considered auspicious. Apart from this, a vessel full of water should not be kept near Tulsi. Also, when the lamp dries up, it should be taken from there, because it is considered inauspicious to extinguish the lamp under Tulsi.

Tulsi is kept in the houses covered with chundali. In such a situation, it should be kept in mind that when the chundali is old or torn, then replace it with Ekadashi or any auspicious time.

Women often offer Tulsi water to bare hair after bathing. In such a situation, water should be offered to Tulsi only after tying the hair and applying vermilion on the forehead.