In Hinduism, some deity is worshiped every day. Like Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Tuesday to Bajrangbali and Wednesday to Ganapati Bapa. Similarly, Sunday is also considered as the day of Sun God.

That’s why nowadays doing such work is avoided. One who can dislike these gods and make them angry. So today we will tell you that this work should not be done on Sunday.

should not work on sunday

  • It is said that meat and alcohol should not be consumed on Sundays. Such natives may face obstacles in progress.
  • Wearing dark colored clothes on this day is also not considered auspicious. such as blue, black and brown.
  • According to astrology, the consumption of salt after sunset is said to be wrong. This is a warning to reduce the happiness and prosperity of the house.
  • It is also believed that it is forbidden to give water in Tulsi on Sundays. In mythology, this day is also observed as the fast of Tulsi Mata.
  • Haircuts are also considered a nuisance. It is said that due to this, difficulties arise in doing any work in life.