lord vishnu

Thursday Use: Hindu Religion In the U.S., every day is dedicated to some deity. thursday Lord Vishnu is devoted to . Guruvar Puja on Thursday by doing the law Lord Vishnu is pleased and removes all the troubles of the devotees. if you financial If you are facing problems then this information is important for you. If you do not get the desired result even after working hard, if you are constantly facing financial problems, then on Thursday you should take some special measures ( Thursday measures) have to be done. By doing this you will get relief from financial problems. Let us now know from Thursday’s remedy.


Do this remedy on Thursday

Take a pimple leaf on Thursday and clean it with Gangajal. Then on that page Kunku should write ‘Om Shree Hri Shree Namah’. After this, after drying the leaves, keep it in your wallet. It is believed that by doing this the problem of money goes away. You can also keep a silver coin. Keep in mind that there should be an impression of Goddess Lakshmi on the coin.
If your wallet is always down, then keep a copper Kuber machine in your wallet on Thursday. Also keep a gomti chakra, saffron and a piece of turmeric in your pocket.
Worship Lord Vishnu and Banana tree on Thursday. It is believed that actually Lord Vishnu resides in the banana tree. So if you are observing fast on Thursday and worshiping banana tree then it is considered very auspicious. This brings happiness and prosperity in the house.
Remember, if you are worshiping a banana tree, then banana should not be eaten on that day. That is, eating bananas is prohibited on Thursday.
If there is a problem of money even in marriage, then it is called Thursday worship. If the position of Jupiter is bad in the horoscope, then Jupiter keeps the fast of God. By fasting and worshiping, Jupiter strengthens in the horoscope and marriage related problems are removed.