Astro Tips: In Hinduism, charity is given special importance. Donating on special occasions, dates and festivals gives many fruits. But the scriptures tell us a lot about charity. It has been said that by donating at the right time and on the right day, a person gets special benefits. There is also a mention of charity and charity according to the season in astrology. Summer has started. In that case, what else is beneficial to donate in this season? let us know.

Donating these items in summer is especially fruitful.

Jaggery : Donation of jaggery in the summer season is said to be particularly fruitful. According to astrology, donating jaggery strengthens the position of the Sun in the horoscope and increases the confidence of the person. A person gets a lot of respect and honor in life and he progresses a lot in life.

Sattu (Jowar) – In astrology, Sattu is related to Jupiter and Sun. Explain that Jupiter increases wealth and luck. Sun strengthens respect and health. When both these planets are strong in one’s life, then the person gets a lot of success in life. It is believed that the gift of power does not allow a person to run out of food in the afterlife.


pot filled with water Drinking water in the summer season is considered to be the most virtuous work. So keep containers of water everywhere in this season. Make people drink syrup. Donating even two pitchers filled with water in the summer season is very beneficial. While donating water, donate one vessel in the name of your ancestors and the other vessel in the name of Lord Vishnu. Also, if you put a little jaggery or sugar in the pot, it will be better.

Carrie: In the scriptures, it has been advised to donate seasonal fruits. Donating mango in summer is very beneficial. Carey’s relationship with the sun god. Therefore, donating mangoes in the summer season brings success in every work by the grace of the Sun God.