Mumbai: Like Vastu Shastra Astrology The scriptures have also suggested some measures to lead a better life. of money problem You can take these measures to solve problems like family discord, poor health of family members. By adopting the remedies given by astrology, you can remove the negativity from the house and bring happiness in the house. in life happiness) and bring peace. Some people take the help of saffron for happiness and prosperity. Saffron is considered a spice. Saffron is used in milk and related products. Saffron is also related to religion. Hence saffron has a respectable place in worship. in small worship Saffron Astrology Tips) It is believed. According to Vedic astrology, problems related to saffron can be solved at home.

Saffron has also been associated with Mercury. It is believed that pleasing this planet can solve economic problems. In this article, we have told you some things related to saffron. This will help you to get rid of your problems to some extent.

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1. Saffron used in food can help you get rid of problems at home. Saffron ink was used to make many divine instruments. From this the importance of saffron can be gauged. If you want to get rid of money crunch, then take a white cloth and apply saffron color on it. Then wrap this cloth in a red cloth and keep it in the safe, this will remove your financial worries.

2. Domestic quarrels often lead to quarrels in the family. Husband and wife often quarrel over negativity in the house. According to astrology, this negativity can be removed by the remedy of saffron. For this, family members should make a paste of saffron and apply it in the form of a mound on their forehead. It is believed that doing this calms the mind.

3. Sometimes the fault of the Guru also causes trouble. People do not realize that these are the faults behind life or poverty at home. This happens when Jupiter is weak in the horoscope. If you want to get rid of this dosha, then you should donate saffron. It is believed that donating saffron to one’s guru removes these defects.