In Hinduism, Sunday is dedicated to Lord Surya Narayan. If your work also gets spoiled over time then there is nothing to worry about. According to the experts of the scriptures, this happens due to the weakening of the Sun. In such a situation, you need to strengthen your Sun.

It is a belief that the person who offers Arghya to the Sun God every morning, never lacks anything. If it is not possible for you to do this daily, then definitely do this work on Sunday morning. Because Sunday is considered to be the day of Sun God. Offer Arghya to Sun God by putting rice, red flowers and some grains of red chili in a copper vessel.

It is believed that if Sun God is worshiped with full rituals on Sunday, then happiness, prosperity, wealth and wealth are attained in the life of the person. It also gives protection from enemies. Apart from this, by observing Sunday fast and listening to the story, every wish of a person is fulfilled.

Every person wants to have happiness and convenience in his life. For this a person works hard day and night. But many times it happens that no matter how many actions you do, you do not get the result accordingly. In such a situation, some such measures have been told in the scriptures, by doing which the yoga of progress in the life of a person is made. Along with this, Maa Lakshmi is also blessed.

Here we are giving you information about some such measures to be done on some Sundays, which please Goddess Lakshmi.

sun god mantra

If possible, chant this mantra while offering water to the Sun God.

Surya Namah:

Hrim Hrim Suryay Namah

oh disgusting: suryaadityom

Om Disgusting: Surya Aditya Shree

Om Hr Hr Hrauns: Suryay: Namah:

Must do this work on Sunday (Totke)

Donate copper utensils, red clothes, wheat, jaggery and red sandalwood according to the capacity.

Never offer water to the Sun God without taking a bath.

Roli or red sandalwood and red flowers can be added to the water to offer water to the Sun God.

Do not use steel, silver, glass and plastic utensils while offering Arghya to Sun God.