According to Hindu religious beliefs, peacock feather is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Also, being very dear to Lord Krishna, he wears it on his crown. At the same time, according to astrology and Vastu Shastra, the peacock feather is also called the head of the nine planets. It is believed that by keeping or applying it in the house, positive energy resides. Along with this, by taking some measures related to it, one gets happiness and happiness by removing the problems of life. So let’s know about its benefits…

To get rid of child’s fear

Sometimes a child gets scared after seeing a bad dream. In such a situation, he cannot even sleep properly. To avoid this, you should give air to the child with peacock feathers. At the same time, to reduce the stubbornness of the child, put peacock feathers on any corner of his room. This will reduce his stubbornness.

prevention of blindness

There is a fear of coming in the sight of small children of the house. In such a situation, put peacock feathers in the silver amulet and wear it to the newborn. This will remove his evil eye. Apart from this, you can also keep it on the head of the child.

sweetness in relationships

In the houses where there is a quarrel between husband and wife, they should put peacock feathers in the east or south-east direction of their bedroom. It is believed that this removes the problems going on in married life and brings sweetness in relationships.

Rahu dosha of house

Due to Rahu dosha in the house, troubles have to be faced. To avoid this, keep peacock feathers on the east and north-west walls of the house, in a pocket or in a diary.

for positive energy

Positive and negative energy enters through the main door of the house. In such a situation, put peacock feathers on the main gate of the house. There will be communication of positivity in the house.

for financial gain

Peacock is considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity and peace. In such a situation, keeping it in the south-east corner of the house strengthens the financial condition.

damage protection

According to Vastu, keeping peacock feathers with you keeps you away from any kind of harm.

to complete the pending work

If any of your work is stuck, then while taking Radhe-Radhe Naan in Radha-Krishna’s temple, take 1 peacock feather and keep it near Shri Krishna. Do this remedy continuously for 40 days. With this, the work stuck in your business or the obstacles coming in the marriage of children will be removed.