We all definitely apply painting to decorate our house so that the house looks beautiful. But sometimes unknowingly we hang such a painting in the house which is inauspicious for our whole family.

It has also been told in Vastu Shastra that we should be careful while applying painting in the house. Because not every painting is suitable according to Vastu. Today we are going to tell you about some such paintings which are considered inauspicious to be in the house. Paintings and photographs promote negativity in the house.

How not to keep a painting or photo in the house

Never photograph the setting sun inside the house. It marks the end of the day and the beginning of the night. Night is considered negative. Apart from this, the picture of any of your ancestors should not be put in the temple of the house. If it is to be planted, then put it on the southern wall of the house. Not only this, photographs of husband, wife or family should not be placed in the south direction or south-west or west-west direction. This affects relationships.

Apart from these, the picture of a ship sinking in the fire or sea should not be kept in the house. It is considered inauspicious. Also, pictures or paintings related to war, volcano, heavy rain, storm etc. should not be kept inside the house. It is inauspicious for happiness and peace inside the house. Also, do not put pictures or paintings of violent animals in the house. It affects the thinking of the people living there. Along with this, pictures of Mahabharata, huge trees, crying children, Taj Mahal, thorny trees and plants should also not be planted. They are considered a symbol of negativity.