If the energy of the house is positive, then happiness and prosperity remain. On the other hand, when negative energy enters the house, it starts affecting the happiness of the house. There is an effect of negative energy on the members of the house, due to which many types of problems surround. There is negative energy in the house which can be detected. When such problems start coming in the house, then it should be understood that negative energy is showing its effect-

The happiness and peace of the house starts getting affected.

There is a debate between the members of the House.

Someone in the house starts getting sick.

Deposited capital suddenly starts getting destroyed.

There is a situation of discord and tension in married life.

The respect of the senior members of the house starts decreasing.

Children start fighting with each other.

If such problems are felt, then it should be understood that the positive energy of the house is being affected.

Some effective measures have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra to prevent negative energy in the house. By following these, negative energy can be removed from the house. So these things should be kept in mind-

Dirty utensils should be washed before sleeping.

Worship should be done in the morning and evening at home.

The rules of cleanliness and cleanliness in the house should be followed.

Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand should be recited on Tuesday.

Ghee lamp should be kept at the main door of the house on Friday evening.

Salt wipes should be applied once a week.

Do not keep garbage collected.