Hanuman-jiHanuman Jayanti 2022: Hanuman is the deity who removes the troubles. In the scriptures, Hanumanji is said to be an incarnation of Shiva. When life seems lost in every way, then failure in life does not leave its mark. If there are obstacles and troubles at every step, then this mantra of Hanumanji can give relief.

Hanuman ji’s Dwadashakshari Mantra
Hanumante is Rudratmakaya.

By chanting this mantra, all kinds of fears are dispelled and especially the fear of vehicle accident goes away. However, before chanting this mantra, it is very important to make a Dwadashakshari Yantra. To make a machine, make an octagonal lotus on a birch leaf with a red sandalwood pen and if all this is not available, then make an octagonal lotus on a plain paper with a red sketch pen. Inside it draw semicircular lines on the left and right sides. Then in those two lines Hanumanji’s Dwadashakshari Mantra
Write- Hum Hanumante Rudramatke Hum Fat

This is how your yantra is made, now install that yantra in your temple or on a wooden frame in the north-east direction. Now imagine the form of Hanumanji in the mantra written in the middle of the Ashtadal and invoke him and worship Hanumanji with the mantra of eight Anjali flowers, that is, chant that mantra after offering flowers to each Anjali. , Yes, I am Hanumante Rudratmakaya.

After this meditate on Lord Rama and worship him. After that meditate on Sugriva, Lakshmana, Angad, Nal, Neel, Jambavan, Kumud and Kesari in eight groups of Ashtadal lotus and worship Hanumanji with fragrance and flowers with chanting. Also worship Mata Anjani and then meditate in all directions, sit in one place with a calm mind and start chanting Hanumanji’s Dwadashakshari Mantra. At the beginning of making the device, decide how many mantras you want to chant.

Hanumanji’s Dwadashakshari Mantra should be chanted 1008 times, but if this is not possible then 108 mantras should be chanted. In this way you can ensure the safety of your vehicle by installing it on the vehicle etc. which is proved by Hanumanji’s Dwadashakshari Mantra. This Dwadashakshari Yantra of Hanumanji is the same yantra which was installed by Lord Krishna on the flag of Arjuna’s chariot in Mahabharata and after applying it, Arjuna won the war.

If you install this device on your vehicle, car or motorcycle today, then you will never be afraid of a car accident and your safety will be ensured during the journey. So today it will be very beneficial for you to install this device in your vehicle. This will save you from all kinds of trouble.