Offer vermilion to Hanuman ji on Janmotsav 2022: Today Hanuman Janmotsav is being celebrated with pomp across the country. Hanumanji is being worshipped, Prasad and Chola are being offered to him. Sindoor is mainly offered to Hanumanji because he loves vermilion very much. It is believed that by offering vermilion to Hanumanji, he gets pleased soon and removes all the troubles and also completes mental work.

Why does Hanumanji like vermilion?

Pawanputra Hanumanji loves vermilion very much. There is a myth behind this. Hanumaji is famous for his immense love and devotion to Lord Rama. He did not miss a single opportunity to please Lord Rama. An incident related to this happened after the Lanka victory. This incident became the reason for Hanumanji’s love for vermilion.

In fact, Hanumanji also accompanied Lord Rama when he returned to Ayodhya after conquering Lanka. One day, seeing the vermilion of Mother Sita, Hanumanji asked why he had applied sindoor on her forehead. Then Mother Sita was pleased and said that this is the sign of her sister-in-law and Lord Rama is very pleased to see this. Hearing this, Hanumanji decided that he would also apply vermilion from today itself.

Sindoor is applied all over the body

Hanumanji decided to apply vermilion not only to please Lord Rama, but he thought that Mother Sita would apply vermilion only a little, I would apply vermilion all over my body, this would please Lord Rama. After this Hanumanji lovingly applied vermilion all over his body and reached Shri Ram’s court. Seeing his form, everyone started laughing, but when Lord Rama came to know the reason behind it, Lord Rama was pleased and embraced Hanumanji. So Hanumanji is very happy to offer vermilion very early because he is dear to Lord Rama.