According to Vedic astrology, the movement of a planet from one zodiac to another is considered very important. According to astrology, when a planet moves from one zodiac to another, it affects human life. Among the planets, Mars has the status of normal.

Mars has left Capricorn and entered Aquarius from 7th April. Mars will now remain in Aquarius till May 17. The transition to Pisces will happen on May 17 at 9:30 am. The effect of Mars change will be on all the 12 zodiac signs. Mars is considered to be the significator of war, land, courage and might. Know which people will be affected by the change of zodiac sign of Mars-

Cancer zodiac sign
Mars is placed in the eighth house of the people. You may experience disappointment in the workplace during the transition period. During this, there may be a rift with the senior officers. There may be a lack of job satisfaction. Be very careful in terms of money. Relations with spouse may deteriorate. Injury is likely.

Mars is transiting in the fifth house of Libra. During this time you can see many ups and downs in your life. Disputes with colleagues are likely. You may be a victim of some conspiracy in the workplace. Avoid taking financial risks. There may be a rift with the spouse.

Mars is transiting in the fourth house of Scorpio. This can change your behavior. There may be trouble in the workplace. There may be differences with family members. The economic condition will remain moderate. Take care of maternal health.