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New Delhi: Vastu Shastra has special importance in Hinduism. Everything in the house creates positive or negative energy. Therefore it is very important to have everything according to Vastu. Sometimes we use things in our daily routine that cause real flaws. One of these things is the purse that everyone uses. From money, photos, bills, documents to how much stuff is kept in the purse. But according to Vastu, it is believed that it is not necessary to keep everything in the purse because keeping anything other than money can cause financial loss. Not only this, there are many difficulties in life and career. Know which things should be removed from the purse immediately according to Vastu.

picture of god

Many people have a habit that they keep the picture of their loved one in their purse. They believe that by doing so God’s grace will always be on them. At the same time, according to Vastu Shastra, the picture of any deity should not be kept in the purse. Because by doing this many problems can come in life and debt can increase.

pictures of the dead

Many people carry pictures of dead relatives in their purses. But it should be avoided. Because according to Vastu it is inauspicious. If a person keeps a picture of a dead person in his wallet, then he may have to face financial crisis.


Most people have keys in their wallets. However, according to Vastu, this should not be done at all. Because it increases the effect of negative energy in life. Due to which the person also has to face financial constraints.

old bills

This is a very simple habit that most people adopt. Actually shopping is considered the safest place to avoid losing restaurant bills, electricity bills or other bills, but in reality doing so can cause many problems in your life. Along with this, the possibility of economic loss also increases significantly.

torn notes

According to Vastu, even torn notes should not be kept in the purse. Because it can ruin your luck. So take out the torn notes from your purse immediately.