Guru Rashi Change 2022: Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system, changed the zodiac on 13 April. Earlier Rahu and Ketu had changed the zodiac. Jupiter will enter Aries on 22nd April next year. Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet in astrology. Jupiter is considered the center of knowledge, spirituality, pilgrimage sites, temples and religious activities. When Jupiter is in benefic position in the birth chart. Then the person gets wealth and honor. Jupiter’s change in zodiac will affect all the zodiac signs. Let us know how Jupiter’s transit will be for 12 zodiac signs.


People of this zodiac may have to face financial problems. A little carelessness can land you in trouble. You will not be able to buy anything even if you want to. The enemy side will try to dominate.

Taurus Amount

Sources of income will increase. Withheld money can be returned. Officers will be happy with the job. Love relations will be strong. The problem of children will be solved. With the grace of Guru, all the wishes will be fulfilled.


Now is the right time to change jobs. Court cases can be in favor. One can get great position and respect due to Jupiter. Paused works can be completed. The mind will be happy to get a love proposal.

Cancer zodiac sign

People of this zodiac will be interested in religion and spirituality. Take part in social activities. You will have the opportunity to donate. good luck. Business can be very profitable.

Leo sun sign

Jupiter’s change in zodiac will have a bad effect on the health of the people of Leo zodiac. Financial condition will be weak. There will be concern from the child side. Negative thoughts will come in the mind. There will be sleep problems.


Sadness and sadness will haunt you. Love for someone will increase. There may be a rift in the marital relationship. Government work will be beneficial. Some good work can happen in the family.


Jupiter’s transit can put you in trouble. Some people will try to be mean. There will be some bad news. Fever, body aches may occur. This will affect sleep.


The transit of Jupiter will be auspicious for Scorpio. The problems of children will be less. There is a possibility of getting a big deal in business. You will get success in job. Honor and respect will increase.


Jupiter’s zodiac change will be auspicious for you. Live the happy moments of life. The dream of buying a house or property can come true. Expressions of love will be in your favor. stay away from jealousy


Be careful in investment and transaction decisions. Be influenced by the opinions of others. There will be problems due to the awakening of an old love affair. Any colleague will help. you have to work hard.


There will be a new member in the family. Stuck work can be completed. You may get a share in the ancestral property. Friends and relatives will be happy with your understanding. The help of a colleague may be needed.


It’s time to dump him and move on. Social prestige will increase. Relationships will be strong. You will get a chance to help others. Friends and family will appreciate your wisdom.