Worshiping Maa Mahalakshmi on Friday is beneficial. This will bring happiness, peace and prosperity in life and will get freedom from all the troubles of life. Today we will try to know about this topic that by which means you can take the blessings of Mahalakshmi on your life. Do these 5 measures on Friday, please Mahalakshmi.

1. On Friday, meditate on the mother with five red flowers in her hand. With this, Maa Mahalakshmi will be pleased and her grace will remain in life.

2. On Friday, chant five rounds of Om Shri Shriye Namah. With this, Maa Mahalakshmi will be pleased and the troubles of life will be removed.

3. According to astrology, on Friday, pray to Lakshmiji that she should always be seated in your house. 4. Offer red bindi, vermilion, red chunari and red bangles to Goddess Lakshmi on Friday. With this Mahalakshmi will bless your life.

5. By reciting Shri Lakshmi Narayan on Friday, Maa Mahalakshmi blesses the life of man and there is never any shortage of money in life.