According to Tantra Shastra, tantric remedies are going to show effect very quickly, you have to do this at the beginning of the day while taking a bath. It keeps you away from negative forces throughout the day. These remedies will bring miraculous benefits to you and your family. Do this remedy on that water, make a triangle mark on the bathing water with the index finger, after that write the Beej Mantra of the letter Hr on the water.

Take this remedy while taking a bath, chant this mantra for miracles, see now

In such a situation, do this remedy daily before bathing.

This is a tantric remedy. Along with this remedy, deities should also be worshipped. If a person takes a bath in a river, he should immediately take a dip in that water by writing ‘Om’ on the water. By this remedy, bathing in the river also gives more virtue.

Apart from this, the negative energy around you also goes away. According to the scriptures, while taking a bath, chanting the names of the deities or chanting their mantras also provides health benefits.

Also when you take a shower.

Gach c yamune chaivagi godavari saraswati. Narmade Sindhu Kaveri burns assmindhim kuru. This mantra should be chanted, it leads to the attainment of wealth. The names of all the major and holy rivers are mentioned in this mantra, which gives you equal virtue of bathing in them. Always try to wake up in the brahma muhurta and take a bath. It is said that water should also be offered to the sun after bath and this mantra should be chanted, Adityasya Namaste, Ye Kurvanti De Dwe, Janmantar Sahasreshu Daridryam Nopajayate. This means that those who do Surya Namaskar daily do not have poverty for thousands of births.