In Hinduism, seven days a week some deity is worshipped. Thursday is a very special day for the worship of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is also considered a follower of the world. It is said that Lord Vishnu fulfills every wish of the devotees who worship with a sincere heart.

Method of worship of Vishnu

Get up before sunrise on Thursday morning. After that take bath and wear clean clothes. Place a clean cloth on a pillar and place the idol of Lord Vishnu on it. Yellow object is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Therefore, offer yellow flowers and yellow fruits to Lord Vishnu. After this show incense and lamp to Lord Vishnu. Worship Lord Vishnu.

Doing these measures on Thursday is beneficial

1- According to astrology, if there is a planet Jupiter in one’s horoscope, then his marriage is disrupted. For this, on Thursday, offer water to the root of the banana tree. One should chant 108 names of Guru by lighting a lamp of pure ghee. By doing this, the obstacles coming in the marriage are removed.

2- Donating saffron, yellow sandalwood or turmeric on Thursday is very auspicious. This brings happiness and peace in the house and diseases are removed. Brihaspati Dev loves yellow color and wears yellow colored Pitambara. Therefore turmeric is used in their worship.

Worshiping Lord Vishnu in this way on Thursday removes sufferings, read now

3- After worshiping on Thursday, apply tilak on the forehead. Yellow sandalwood or turmeric tilak should be done on the forehead on Thursday.

4- Thursday should be fasted, wearing yellow clothes should include yellow colored items in the food. Doing this also removes the problems in marriage.

5- If there are obstacles in your promotion or field, then to remove them, donate a yellow object in the temple on Thursday. To remove obstacles in business, hang turmeric garlands in the worship room on Thursday and use yellow colored objects at the workplace.