Shani Dev is considered the god of justice in the scriptures. Those who chant the mantras of Shani Dev. Happiness, peace and prosperity come in his life. At the same time, all the troubles of his life go away. Today we will try to know about this topic, about some such mantras of Shani Dev, whose chanting will remove all the troubles of life.

Chant these 3 mantras of Shani Dev, all the troubles will go away.

Om Pram Prim Prans: Shanishcharaya Namah.

Om Aim Hleem Shrishanashcharaya Namah.

Om Shannodeveerbhishtaya apo bhavantu peeteye sleep bhistravantu nah.

According to astrology, chanting these mantras of Shani Dev is very beneficial for humans. It removes all the troubles of life. After taking bath on Saturday, you can chant these mantras while worshiping Shani Dev. With this all your wishes will be fulfilled and Shani Dev will always bless your life.