Nowadays, after marriage, there are reports of husband and wife having a relationship with another person. Relationship with another person even after marriage is called extra marital affairs. But often this happens due to the position of the planets and constellations. Let us know which are the planets and constellations that compel a person to do so.

This position and this planet creates multiple marriage yoga

In a person’s horoscope, if Mars is in the seventh house, the eighth lord is in a debilitated place or in the enemy side, then it is not auspicious and in this situation only polygamy occurs.

Remarriage is possible with this yoga

According to astrology, if the malefic planet in a person’s horoscope and the Dhanesh planet in the seventh or the malefic planet in the seventh meets the weak seventh lord, then it creates the yoga of marriage again in the person’s life.

It also creates the possibility of multiple marriages.

If Moon and Venus are in conjunction in a person’s horoscope, then this is also not an auspicious sign. Also, if there is a conjunction of Ascendant and seventh lord, then more than one marriage is formed in a person’s life.

it multiplies the sum

If there is a conjunction of Mars and Venus in the tenth house of the horoscope or Rahu-Ketu are together in Libra, then it is not a good sign. This means that the person will have a one-to-many relationship.

Yoga makes relationship with foreign women

If Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn are together in the horoscope of a person, then this yoga is considered inauspicious and in such a situation the person is more attracted towards foreign women.

This is the planet responsible for extra marital

If a person’s horoscope is associated with Venus and Mercury in the tenth house or the ascendant house, then it creates the situation for many marriages. These yogas are not good for marriage and because of this there is a possibility of having relationship with other people even after marriage.