Astrology: Everyone wants enough money and happiness and prosperity. Many times in life, despite walking on the right path and taking the right measures, one has to face the lack of money. According to astrology, today we will tell you some such remedies by which you can overcome the lack of money and get permanent happiness and prosperity in life.

According to astrology, donating incense sticks in Mahalaxmi temple on seven consecutive Fridays brings wealth.

It has also been told in astrology that on Sunday, bring the root and leaves of Bahera in Pushpa Nakshatra and after worshiping, tie it in a red cloth and keep it in the vault and bow daily by showing incense sticks. With this, enough money and happiness and prosperity can be obtained in life.

By offering milk on Tulsi plant on Thursday, Lakshmi resides in the house and the lack of money is removed.

Feeding jaggery-gram to the poor on Friday and gram to the monkeys on Tuesday increases the source of income.

False utensils should not be kept in the bedroom, it causes loss in business.

Planting a Tulsi plant in the northeast does not stop taking loans.