Garuda Purana is one such great Purana which inspires mankind for the upliftment of life. In this Purana, many such policies have been told to make a person’s life better than the daily routine, by adopting which the person not only decorates his life but also attains salvation after death. Know here about 5 such things that every person must do in the morning. With this, along with purification of body and mind, you get positive energy and your day remains happy. All your work gets done easily. Know about those 5 things.

1. Bath

Along with the purity of the mind, the purity of the body has also been said in the scriptures. One should take bath regularly for the purity of the body. The person who takes bath every morning remains energetic throughout the day. He is protected from all diseases and he can do all the work diligently, due to which he gets auspicious results.

2. Charity

The talk of charity is not only mentioned in Garuda Purana but also in other scriptures. A person must donate something with his hands every day. Be it food or something. Due to this, happiness remains in the family and there is no shortage of anything.

3. Havan or Deepki

By the way, great importance of Havan has been told in the scriptures. Performing Havan purifies the environment and removes the negativity of the house. But if you cannot perform Havan daily, then at least one lamp must be lit daily. Keep one lamp in the temple and one near Tulsi. This leads to success in every task. Vastu defects are removed.

4. Chanting

Take out some time in the day to chant God. You read any mantra, but make it a rule to chant God. With this, the biggest obstacles of the house are averted and auspicious results are obtained.

5. Dev Worship

After bathing daily, worship the Lord and offer him Bhog. With this, there is never any shortage of food grains in your house. God’s grace always remains and all troubles are averted.