Rudraksh : Rudraksha, which came out of Mahadev’s tears, has a special place in Hinduism. There are many benefits of wearing Rudraksha. According to astrology, many problems can be avoided by wearing it. Rudraksha makes a person’s thinking positive. Rudrash gives auspicious results only when it is worn according to the law. Not only this, it is believed that after wearing it, one should follow the necessary rules. Otherwise the Rudraksha becomes impure.

These people should not wear Rudraksha

It is believed that after the birth of the child, the mother and the child remain impure for some time. In such a situation, the mother should not wear Rudraksha even by mistake. It is also said that people wearing Rudraksha should not enter the room of these people. If you are going to the room of these people, then remove the Rudraksha.

Do not wear Rudraksha during this time.


  • Those wearing Rudraksha should not smoke or eat non-vegetarian food. Doing so makes the Rudraksha impure. It doesn’t do you any good, but it does you harm.
  • It is believed that Rudraksha should not be worn while sleeping. Take it off before sleeping at night and keep it under the pillow. By doing this the mind remains calm and bad dreams are avoided.
  • According to astrology, do not wear Rudraksha even at the time of funeral. This makes the Rudraksha impure, which can have a bad effect on life.