Acharya Chanakya was a very scholar, philosopher, visionary and strategist. He stored his knowledge and experience in the form of literature in Chanakya Niti. This proverb is an incomparable guide to the world at present. Let us know which are such things according to Acharya Chanakya which are more than diamonds.

Chanakya’s verse is
Prithvi Trini Ratnani Jalmannam Subhashitam.
Mudhai: stone fragments gemstone noun vidriyate.

That is, water, food and sweet words are the most precious gems among all the gems of the earth. In front of them are diamonds, pearls, emeralds and gold like stones. The amount of water in the earth is highest but potable water is very less. That’s why Acharya Chanakya knew how precious water is. Human life is not possible without water. Similarly how much food is necessary for human nutrition.

Man can save his life with water and food. This saves his life. The body is nourished and strength and intelligence increase. With sweet words a man can conquer his enemies and make them his own. That’s why this gem is very precious. Chanakya says that man leaves these gems and runs after stones. His whole life is full of sorrows.