Astro Remedies: Tulsi plants are considered very sacred in Hinduism. No worship of Lord Vishnu is considered complete without Tulsi. This is the reason that Tulsi is also called Vishnu Priya. It is considered to be the abode of Lakshmi. According to the scriptures, in the houses where Tulsi plant is green, there comes happiness and prosperity along with happiness, peace and prosperity. The importance of Tulsi is not only in the scriptures, but in Ayurveda, Tulsi has been considered as nectar. It is considered very auspicious to light a lamp under the Tulsi plant every morning and evening. Apart from this, green leaves of Tulsi are used in worship. But do you know that apart from the green leaves of basil, dried leaves also have great importance. Yes, it is believed that basil leaves never wither. That is why dried basil leaves are also used in worship.

Tulsi is very dear to Lord Krishna. It is believed that Tulsi leaves can be used as prasad to Lord Krishna for about 15 days.

Apart from this, dry basil leaves can be immersed in water while bathing the child form of Lord Krishna. Not only this, you can also add dried basil leaves in your bath water. It is believed that it removes negative energy from the body.

Children studying can keep dried basil leaves among their books. Due to this, the mind remains focused on studies and every task is completed in a positive way.

Wrap the dried basil leaves in a red cloth and keep it in the vault or in your purse. It is believed that by doing this, Lakshmi ji is pleased and gets financial benefits.

Put dry basil leaves in Gangajal and sprinkle this water all over the house. By doing this the negative energy of the house is destroyed and positive energy resides.

The dried leaves of basil are very important in terms of health. Swallowing 7 dried basil leaves with water daily is good for health.

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