Ram Navami 2022: On this day Havan is also performed at home along with Kanya Puja. Havan has special significance on this day. The festival of Ram Navami is celebrated every year on the Navami of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. It is believed that on this day Shri Ram was born. In this happiness, this festival is celebrated with pomp all over the country. People observe fast and worship on this day. Navratri also ends on this day. After formally worshiping Maa Durga for nine days, it ends with Kanya Pujan on the ninth day of Rama.

This time Ram Navami is being celebrated on 10th April, Sunday. On this day, along with the worship of the girl, Havan is also performed at home. Havan has special significance on this day. Let us know about the Havan method and the complete list of Havan material.

Ram Navami Havan Method
According to the scriptures, get up early in the morning and wear clean clothes after retiring from bath etc. According to the scriptures, it is mandatory for the husband and wife to sit together in the havan. Establish a fire pit at a clean place and light a fire by putting mango wood and camphor in it. After this, perform Yagya in the name of Gods and Goddesses in the Havan Kund. It is a religious belief that at least 108 mantras should be chanted on this day. If you want, you can sacrifice more than this. After the completion of the havan, perform the aarti of Lord Shri Ram and take him as a victim. The special importance of Kanya Puja has been told on this day. Kanya Puja can also be done after Havan on this day.

ram navam havan material
Mango wood, Mango leaf, Pipla branch, Bark, Bael, Neem, Sandalwood, Ashwagandha, Liquorice root, Camphor, Sesame, Rice, Clove, Cow’s ghee, Cardamom, Sugar, Navagraha wood, Panchmeva, Coconut , Circle . Prepare the barley ingredients.