Ram Navami 2022: Navratri During the nine days Durga Puja of various forms of Goddess Durga is performed. Goddess Durga on the day of Ram Navami (Navratri 2022) Along with the worship of God Ram is also worshipped. Ram Navami Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month (Shri Ram Navami 2022) It is celebrated on the ninth day of It is said that on this day Lord Vishnu killed Dasharatha’s eldest wife. Kaushalya took the seventh incarnation from the mother’s womb. This is the reason why Ram Navami Shri Ram’s birthday Celebrated on the occasion. But only Lord Ram with the birth ofIt is believed that his three brothers Lakshmana, Shatrughna and Bharat were also born on the same day. In such a situation, let us know the auspicious time of Ram Navami. And Importance…

Ram Navamicha Shubh Muhurta (Ram Navami 2022 Shubh Muhurta)

Chaitra Shukla Navami date starts – April 10, Sunday 01:23 am
Chaitra Shukla Navami date ends – 11 April Monday, 03:15
Shubh Muhurta of Ram Janmotsav in the morning – from 11:06 am to 01:39 am
Sukarma Yoga on the day of Ram Navami – Noon Pushya Nakshatra till 12:04 on the day of Ram Navami
– Lasts all night.
Victory moment on Ram Navami – from 02:30 pm to 03:21 pm on the day of Ram Navami
Kaal- Rahukal on the day of Ram Navami from 11:50 pm to 01:35 pm – 05:09 pm to 06:44 pm

Ram Navami 2022 Pooja vidhi

On the day of Ramnavami, one should wake up early in the morning and take bath and wear snake clothes. Then fast with rice in hand and offer water to the Sun God. Then worship Lord Rama and offer Gangajal, flowers, garlands, 5 types of fruits, sweets etc. Now offer Tulsi leaves and lotus flowers to Lord Rama. Then recite Ramcharitmanas, Ramayana or Ramrakshastotra.