New Delhi: Today, Sunday, April 10, is the birthday of the King of Ayodhya, Shri Ram. It is called Ram Navami. The day of Ram Navami is considered very important in Sanatan Dharma and this day is very special in astrology. This time Ram Navami is an auspicious combination of planets and stars which is very favorable for purchase. Buying property, vehicles and new things on Ram Navami brings good luck in life. It is also said that there will be plenty of money.


Ravi Pushya Yoga runs for 24 hours


This time 24 hours in Ram Navami Ravi Pushya Yoga Is . It starts at sunrise on 10th April and lasts till sunrise on 11th April. Ravi Pushya Yoga is considered auspicious for shopping, so there is an absurd muhurta to buy in these 24 hours. Apart from Ravi Pushya Yoga, another good coincidence is that this time of Chaitra Navratri lasts for 9 days. The absence of date is considered auspicious in both religion and astrology.

good chance to start a good job


The 24-hour Ravi Pushya Yoga was formed today i.e. on 10th April and next time such yoga will be on 6th April 2025. Apart from this, Sarvarthasiddhi, Sukarmayoga, Dhrityoga, Ravi Yoga are performed in the form of Ramnavami. , In such a situation, apart from shopping, today is the most auspicious day to start a new work. Because the work started in such an auspicious yoga is very fruitful. It is said that starting a house, entering a house, investing in property is especially auspicious.