Sneezing is generally considered inauspicious. While many types of sneezes are also very auspicious. But like human sneeze, animal sneeze also has many meanings. These also give good and bad signs. Tells about the coming and going of money. Apart from this, they give an indication of success or failure. In Shagun Shastra, along with the sneezing of humans, the sneezing of animals has also been told.

What is the meaning of sneezing of animals

If while going out for some auspicious work, it is very auspicious to see a cow and a calf. If the calf sneezes on it, then it is a very auspicious sign. It tells that your success is certain in the work you are going for. Apart from this, it is also considered a sign of getting money.

Similarly, it is very good to see an elephant in reality and to be seen in a dream. If a white elephant is seen in your dream, then it is a clear sign that you are rich. Apart from this, elephant sneezing is also considered very auspicious. If an elephant sneezes in front of you, then assume that very good is going to happen to you.

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Apart from this, it is very auspicious to sneeze at the cremation ground, at the accident site or at any such place where people are unhappy. Such a sneeze eliminates the negativity that has accumulated due to sorrow at that place.


Similarly, sneezing once while going out is inauspicious, but if someone sneezes twice, then it is auspicious. This makes the journey successful.