guestsThe tradition of Atithi Devo Bhava is very old in Hinduism. The guest is treated with the same respect and dignity as God. In addition, guests are treated at home. Vishnu Purana tells many things related to the guest. Which have special importance in the life of every man. According to Vishnu Purana, even if a guest coming home wants three things, he should not ask for it.

education related questions
Few people want to know everything in the life of the guests coming to the house. There’s nothing wrong with asking guests general questions about their lives, but never ask about their education. If they are less educated, they may find it difficult to answer this question. So this question should not be asked to the guest.


Today everyone’s focus is on income. Generally people want to know the income of others more than themselves. This question is a little true for others, but it should not be asked to a guest at home. Because this question can embarrass them.

caste and religion
According to Vishnu Purana, a guest coming home should not be asked about his caste or religion even by mistake. Also, the guest should not ask about his gotra. Asking such questions to a genuine guest can ruin a relationship.