Kharmas is going to end on April 14, one and a half months after the Sun enters Aries. After this, auspicious work like marriage will start. The first muhurat of marriage is on 15th April. Even before the beginning of Manglik work, shopping has increased in the markets and there is a huge crowd of customers at the shops.



According to astrologers, Kharmas started from March 15. Now on April 14, with the arrival of Sun in Aries, Kharmas will end and auspicious work will start. From April 14 to July 10, many auspicious times for marriage are coming out again. Meanwhile, May marriages take place the most. According to Sanatan tradition, there are total 19 auspicious times for marriage in the month of May. The auspicious time for its marriage is 17 in June, 9 in July, 5 in November and 9 in December.