ram-navmi-1024x576This time the festival of Ram Navami is going to be very special. Astrologers say that this time there will be a very auspicious combination of planets and constellations on Ram Navami, which will be an auspicious moment for the purchase of property, vehicles and new things. Not only this, this year Navratri is getting special due to the length of nine days and no change is taking place in Navratri due to lack of special blessings of the mother. Let us know about this auspicious yoga formed on Ram Navami.

This year Ravi Pushya Yoga is happening on Ram Navami, which is a 24-hour walk. Pushya Nakshatra will start from sunrise on 10th April, Sunday till sunrise the next day. This year there will be a total of four Ravi Pushyas, but the duration of 24 hours will be on Ravi Pushya Yoga Ram Navami. It is also considered as Abuja Muhurta for shopping.

Astrologers say that this auspicious coincidence happened earlier on 1st April 2012 and now this yoga will happen again on 6th April 2025. Astrologers also say that Pratipada, Ashtami and Navami dates of Chaitra Navratri are very auspicious for starting any new work or buying and selling. Human beings get the fruits of auspicious work done for a long time on these dates.

good yoga
Apart from the last two days of Ramnavami, Chhatra Yoga is being formed from Punarvasu Nakshatra on the Ashtami day on Saturday 9th April. Whether investing in property or building a house or shop, this yoga is considered very auspicious in everything. On the day of Ram Navami on April 10, this day will be auspicious for all kinds of auspicious works due to Sarvarthasiddhi, Ravi Pushya and Ravi Yoga.

Auspicious time for worship on Ramnavami
Ram Navami will start from 1.24 pm on 10th April and will end on 11th April at 3.15 pm. Sukarma and Dhriti Yoga are also being formed on Ramnavami. Sukarma Yoga will remain till 12.04 pm on April 11. After this Dhriti Yoga will start. This moment is also very auspicious to start a new job or make a purchase.