Vastu Shastras are texts on the traditional Indian system of architecture. book design , layout , Describe the principles of ground preparation and spatial geometry. If you do your decoration according to Vastu then it gives us good results. Know from Acharya ji , According to Vastu, where and on whom the lamp should be kept during Navratri.


Vastu Tips for Navratri

Today in the Vastu Shastra of Navratri, we will discuss where and for what things the lamp should be kept. The lamp should be either of ghee or of sesame oil. Ghee lamp should be kept on the right side of the deity i.e. in the left hand and sesame oil lamp should be kept on the left side of the deity i.e. in the right hand.


For your information let me tell you that in ghee lamp White vertical light should be used. There itself Red and red light should be used in sesame oil. Ghee lamp is dedicated to the deity while sesame oil lamp is for fulfillment of your wishes. You can light one or both lamps as needed. It strengthens the fire element of Vastu of the house.


Where and what should the lamp be kept in Navratri. Hope you will definitely take advantage of these Vastu Tips.