Milk price hike: The general public may once again be overwhelmed. Actually, the prices of Amul milk are likely to rise again. Amul company officials on Tuesday said Amul milk prices may again rise due to increase in logistics and packaging cost. However, he did not say how much the rate would be hiked this time. Let us tell you, on March 1, 2022, Amul had increased the price of milk by Rs 2 per liter.

milk price will rise again

Amul MD RS Sodhi told the media that the prices will not go up or down from here. Sodhi said that the union has increased the price of Amul milk by 8 per cent in the last two years. This also includes the increase in milk price by Rs 2 per liter last month. According to the MD of Amul, the prices of Amul milk may increase further in the near future.

benefits for farmers

He further said that inflation in his industry is not a cause for concern as it is benefiting the farmers at higher prices of the produce. Sodhi said the growth made by Amul and the dairy sector is very limited as compared to others or other than increase in input cost. On the other hand, energy prices have increased by more than a third, affecting the cost of cold storage. Similarly, the cost of logistics and packaging has also gone up. Due to this pressure, the price of milk has increased from Re 1 to Rs 2 in March.

Profit is not the main objective of the cooperative

Sodhi said that the income of farmers from milk has increased by Rs 4 per liter during the corona pandemic. However, the company’s profits have also declined due to several problems. But Amul is not afraid of such pressures as profit is not the main objective of the cooperative.