Russia Ukraine War: Air India has suspended its flight from Delhi to Moscow. Already scheduled flights have been cancelled. According to sources, Air India has told the Russian embassy that it will give full refund to passengers on canceled flights. There is a danger to tourists due to the activities happening in and around the Russian skies.

Given the perceived risk in Russian Sky, international insurance agencies have refused to insure flights to or from Moscow, so Air India has suspended its Moscow flights.

Air India flies to Moscow twice a week


So far, Air India has done two flights in a week from Delhi to Moscow. Air India has informed the Russian Embassy that it will refund all passengers their tickets. At present, Air India has not given a clear answer to ABP News’s query on suspension of flights.

Available transit routes to Moscow

In the current situation, transit can be used to reach Moscow, for which passengers have to travel between Moscow and Delhi via Tashkent, Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and other countries.