New Delhi: Everything is easily available in today’s world. From tickets to purchases, transactions, everything can be done from mobile. This is the reason that most of the people are crazy about mobile phones day and night. Radiation from electronic devices, including mobile phones, is extremely dangerous. Mobile radiation damages our eyes. It weakens the retina of our eye and also damages our skin.

mobile radiation how does it spread ,

All electronic devices, including mobiles and laptops, use antennas, which are attached to signal towers. The antennas attached to these towers emit radiation, which over time damages our skin. One thing that all electronic devices have in common is the harmful radiation effect on the skin. Itching occurs when radiation enters the skin. In addition, dryness makes the skin red or dark and discolors the skin.

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Radiation and blue light can damage the skin. Skin pigmentation is a condition in which dark spots appear all over the skin. Radiation causes the skin to become red, as well as there is a possibility of dryness.

Dark Circle: Mobile radiation causes dark circles around the eyes.

how to survive

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– Must go out in fresh air.

– drink plenty of water.

Wash your face regularly, so that your eyes will get plenty of water, which will protect the eyes from harmful radiation.

Use face cream to avoid radiation.

Do not use the phone while sleeping.