New Delhi: Ride-hailing platform Uber is launching a new service this year. With the help of which customers will be able to book plate, train and bus tickets for long distance travel from the Uber app. There will also be an option to hire trains, buses and planes. It represents Uber’s quest to become a travel super app. According to a Bloomberg report, this service is currently available in the UK. But the company can soon start the ticket booking service in the rest of the country.

This service will be available on travel booking

Uber has launched train, bus and flight bookings in the UK as part of a pilot project involving multiple travel partners. The company claims that this will provide door-to-door travel experience from the Uber app. This was announced by Jamie Heywood, UK Uber’s regional general manager. The Uber app has been offering users bike riding, boat riding and scooter riding for over a year now. But now the train, coach and flight booking process will be integrated into the Uber app. It is expected that the company will be able to offer hotel booking soon. According to the report of IANS, the company can deduct from every booking. In that case, expect Uber to offer tickets at a much cheaper rate.

Uber itself will not provide travel services

However, Uber will not provide travel services on its behalf. Travel service will be timed with third party apps. In this, there will be facility to book tickets from the booking agency. However, Uber has not officially disclosed with whom it has partnered for ticket booking.