If you want to invest in future, then for you manyshk post plan Might be the best option. There are two major benefits of investing in a post plan. One is that you get an attractive interest rate on your investment. Due to the increased interest, you end up with a larger amount in your hands at the end of the term of the plan. The amount that you can use for boy’s education, girl’s marriage. Second, the money invested in Post’s scheme is safe. If a bank becomes insolvent, or Reserve of India Bank subject to restrictions by the Central Bank of India, you may are entitled) only five lakh rupees. However, this is not the case with the postal scheme. You get a full refund in the postal plan, that too with interest, so today we are going to know about one such postal plan. His name is Monthly Income Scheme ( MIS) Interest rate on this scheme. Let us know about the investment limit period.

interest rate

Investments under the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme currently carry an interest rate of 6.6 per cent on an annual basis. The plan earns interest on your account every month. There is no change in interest with effect from April 1, 2020.

input range

You can invest at least one thousand in this post office scheme. You can invest up to a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh in this post scheme. If you have a joint account then you can invest up to a maximum of Rs 9 lakh. You can invest in this scheme in multiples of Rs. In case of opening a joint account, both the respective account holders have equal rights over the amount.

Who can start an account?

Any adult can take advantage of this small savings scheme of India Post. Also minors can invest under this scheme under the guidance of their parents. In this scheme, any person above ten years can open an account in his name. Higher the interest rate in this scheme, higher will be the investment.