After petrol and diesel, now the prices of CNG gas have also increased and people are turning to electric vehicles. The sales of electric vehicles in Gujarat are increasing continuously. In the first 4 months of 2022, the number of vehicles sold in the year 2021 for the whole year. It is worth noting that in the year 2021-22, 4.29 lakh electric vehicles were sold.

Last year in 2020-21, 1.34 lakh electric vehicles were sold. Compared to last year, sales of electric vehicles have tripled this year. Two-wheeler sales of electric vehicles have skyrocketed. Last year only 40,000 electric two-wheelers were sold. However, this year the sales of two wheelers have reached more than 2 lakhs.

Whereas last year 4,000 four-wheelers were sold, but this year this figure has increased to 17,000. If we talk about the sale of electric vehicles in Ahmedabad, then only 1495 electric vehicles were registered in Ahmedabad in 2021. Whereas in just 4 months of 2022, 1468 people have bought electric vehicles.

“Electric vehicles are cheaper than the current rising prices of petrol-diesel and CNG,” said an electric driver. The cost of electric two wheeler is only 15 to 20 paise per kilometer, while the cost of four wheeler is Re 1 per kilometer.