380720-adanigaszeeGandhinagar : Adani has increased the prices of CNG gas. CNG prices have increased by Re 1 per kg. The old price of Adani CNG was Rs 81.59, the new price increased to Rs 82.59.

rising prices of edible oil
Rising prices of other edible oils are also cry to people. Has 30 gained Rs peanut oil in two days. One can of groundnut oil went up to Rs 2,750. Despite the frequent two-year peanut production prices remains high. System and the government failed to prevent the rise in oil prices. Wedding season the price of a can of oil over the next two days went up 20 and Rs 10.

Rising inflation in the country has broken the back of the people. The prices of food items including petrol-diesel, CNC, LPG are skyrocketing. People are struggling with inflation. In such a situation, with the onset of summer, the prices of lemons are also touching the sky. Four days back, Gujarat Gas had increased the prices of CNG. Now Adani has increased the price of gas.

The five states elections since rising prices
Petrol, diesel and LPG consumers have suffered huge losses. It is believed that the price of petrol and diesel will increase soon. Even before this, the prices of CNG have started increasing. Five states have concluded assembly elections. Then after the election results, its effect on the price has started showing. Global oil prices are rising due to rising prices. On the other hand, CNG prices have also gone up, making it clear that petrol-diesel prices are likely to increase in the coming days. Adani has increased the prices of CNG in Gujarat from today.