New Heart: A car gets punctured while walking on the road and people panic and go out in search of a puncture shop. Plus, time can be saved if the driver knows how to change tires easily. In this news, we are going to tell you how you can easily replace your car if there is a puncture in the middle of the road. So let’s know the whole process

put the car on the side

After the puncture, first park your car on the side and in a safe place, so that you do not panic. Once you have parked on the side of the vehicle, turn on all end signs so that other vehicles on the road know your position in advance.

keep up with the necessary tools

After parking the car, remove the tire replacement tools like jack, wrench, plaza etc. Then put the jack on the jack point under the tire, after installing the jack your tire will rise slightly above the ground. Be a little more careful when applying the jack. Then one by one loosen all the tire nuts and take out the punctured tire.

how to fit a new tire

After removing the punctured tire, remove the correct tire and fit it snugly into the car, then tighten all the nuts as before, taking care to tighten the nutbolts, making sure there are no nutbolts. Loosen then slowly remove the jack from the jack point, put the punctured tire and jack in the car and enjoy your ride. You can also check the pressure of your vehicle by stopping at any petrol pump on the way.