Gandhinagar: Another inflation shook the people. Groundnut oil prices have risen once again. Groundnut oil prices have risen by Rs 30 in the last two days. In the last one month, the price of a can of groundnut oil has increased by Rs 2,750, that of groundnut oil by Rs 150 and cottonseed oil by Rs 120.

Groundnut oil prices rose to Rs 2,800 or Rs 2,750 per barrel on Friday. So the cost of a can of cottonseed oil is 2690, palmolein 2445, mustard oil 2460, castor oil 2460, sunflower 2560, corn oil 2380. Despite two consecutive years of groundnut production, there has been no change in prices. Traders say it will take a month for the new palm crop to arrive and then prices may come under control. But till then the prices will remain high.

300 units of free electricity in Punjab from July 1

One month has passed for the Bhagwant Mann government of Punjab. Meanwhile, the government has announced to give big relief to the people. It has been announced to provide free electricity up to 300 units to every household in the state.

A month after the victory of the Aam Aadmi Party government in the Punjab Legislative Assembly, now the AAP government is in full swing, it has started fulfilling the promises made by the government one by one. You had promised 300 units of free electricity to the state before the elections, but now it has been fulfilled by Chief Minister Bhagwan Mane.


Announcing its 30-day tenure in a newspaper, the state government has claimed that 300 units of free electricity will be provided in Punjab from July 1. However, there has been no official statement from Bhagwant Mann regarding free electricity. Earlier, Bhagwan Mane had claimed that he would make a big announcement for the people of Punjab on April 16.