content_image_a353aec8-6b7e-4198-ba11-8a8cc0a2293dMumbai : This summer will be harsh in India and the AC market has witnessed a hot climate after two years with temperatures remaining above average. According to a preliminary estimate, sales of air conditioners have crossed 1.5 million units in March alone.

The average day temperature has been above 40 degree Celsius in many cities of India and heat and heat wave are still expected. Keeping this in mind, the sales of AC-fridge are also likely to increase, so AC-fridge manufacturers will have to face difficulties this summer.

It is worth noting that the sale of AC-fridges has been cool in the last two summer seasons due to Corona epidemic and lockdown as well as financial constraints.

However, with the temperature rising at the start of the summer season this year, companies are expecting record sales of ACs this year. Before the Corona epidemic, a total of 75 lakh units of AC were sold in the year 2019. In the next two years, sales declined due to the corona pandemic and economic slowdown, with air conditioners selling 34 million units in 2020 and 53 million units in 2021. The companies have estimated the sale of a record 95 lakh units of AC in the year 2022. However, there is a supply problem to the opposing side.

The usage of AC in India is still less as compared to other countries. Only 6% of the population in India has AC. Companies believe that streamlining economic activity and improving power supply in smaller towns can boost sales of ACs. Companies said that the demand for ACs is high in states like Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, Haryana and Maharashtra.