HUL product price hike : The prices of daily commodities have been rising for the past few days. Petrol and diesel prices have increased recently. After that, gas cylinder , soap and surf axle prices have also gone up. Hindustan Unilever (HUL) In view of rising inflation, the prices of soap and surf have been increased. FMCG has increased the prices by 20 per cent. The prices of many soaps including Wheel, Rin, Lifebuoy have also increased.

Rise in raw material prices:

Soap and detergent prices have risen due to continuous increase in raw material prices. The cost of production had also increased last year due to rising prices of soap and surf.


The price of pigeon and pear 125 grams per unit has been increased by Rs 10-12. So, the cost of 4 bundled pack of Lifebuoy soap is Rs 124-136. Similarly, the price of a pack of 500 gm and 1 kg wheel detergent has been increased from Rs 32 to Rs 33 and from Rs 63 to Rs 65. the company 500 ml sachet of Vim Liquid The price has been increased from Rs 99 to Rs 104.

The company is increasing the prices of its products due to the continuous increase in the prices of raw materials. Hindustan Unilever had raised prices of several products in 2022 citing rising raw material prices.

Which items are more expensive?

The increase in the price of LPG gas cylinder will spoil the kitchen budget of the middle class and common people. The ax of hike in gas and fuel prices has now fallen on those who are already suffering from volatility in edible oil prices, vegetable and grain prices. The price of lemon has also crossed a hundred.