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New Delhi: Google has secretly launched ‘Switch to Android’ app. With this, users will be able to switch from iOS to Android platform. Simply put, you will be able to shift from iOS based iPhone to Android based device without any hassle. This means that the user’s ‘Switch to Android’ app works wirelessly, which means there is no need to connect the two phones with a cable. 9to5Google reports that it can be accessed via a direct link.

You will be able to access it through the direct link

It is always difficult for smartphone users to switch from iOS to Android. Copying data from iPhone to Android is a complicated process, which involves backing up the data to Google Drive and then storing it manually. But Google has made it easier for users to transfer contacts, apps and media files from iOS to Android platform with the Android 12 update.

Switch to iOS App Available to Switch from Android to iOS

Apple already has an app called “Move to iOS” for Android devices to switch from Android to iOS. Copying apps from one device to another will require a Lightning USB cable. The app will tell users how to turn off iMessage after data transfer. Photos and videos stored locally on the iPhone can be transferred to an Android device using the app. Finally, the app will send a request to transfer the iCloud data to Google Drive. After clicking on the request button, the app will open the browser, which will take users to the iCloud support page, where users can request data transfer to Google Drive.